Japanning sounds a lot like trepanning (there’re seven letters in common, stay with me), the ancient ‘medicinal’ practice of drilling a hole in someone’s skull to release bad spirits – you may remember hearing about it if you ever read Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’. Coming to Japan feels, in a way, a lot like


This is the least fanfare I’ve ever had for a birthday. I’ve finally surpassed the youthful landmarks of 18 and 21, effectively lapsing into the kind of non-chalant birthday malaise that I thought I’d always evade. I thought I’d always want a big cake and a party, a bunch of presents and the acknowledgement of

Interview with Scott Dooley

“GOOGLE BEES!” bellows Scott, ducking under a nearby table. I’m sitting down to lunch with stand-up comedian, radio host, and controller of the Internet, Scott Dooley. We’ve just been assaulted by a gang of drones. When we meet up, Scott is in the final weekend of his Melbourne International Comedy Festival show, Eva. “I’m getting sick,”